Sunday, May 20, 2018

Omdahl Takes Devil's Lake NOSA vs CAOSS Feature

Nick Omdahl photo by Speedway Shots

An impressive field of 22 sprint cars participated in the second of 10 meetings between the Northern Outlaw Sprint Association and the Canadian American Outlaw Sprintcar Series at Devil's Lake Speedway, ND on Saturday night. For the second straight time, Wade Nygaard finished in second place as Nick Omdahl of East Grand Forks, MN captured the checkered flag.

Devil's Lake Speedway, Crary, ND
Saturday, May 19, 2018

1. 0 Nick Omdahl
2. 9N Wade Nygaard
3. 2A Austin Pierce
4. 27 Chris Ranten
5. 8H Jade Hastings
6. 20A Jordan Adams
7. 10TRB Bob Martin
8. 14 Tom Egeland
9. 55 Nick Ranten
10. 8BALL Jack Croaker
11. 4M Cale Mack
12. 20 Kevin Lawson
13. 12 Brayden Pengilly
14. 14H Bill Holder
15. 31 Shane Roemeling (DNF)
16. 20L Dusty Lawson (DNF)
17. 26 Blake Egeland (DNF)
18. 1AJ Trevor Mell (DNF)
19. 99 Jordan Graham (DNF)
20. 6 Zach Wilde (DNF)
21. 35 Brenden Wilde (DNS)
22. 11M Brendan Mullen (DNS)

Heat Winners: 9N Wade Nygaard, 8H Jade Hastings, 20A Jordan Adams

Next scheduled CAOSS/NOSA race is Saturday, May 26 at Devil's Lake Speedway. Start time is 7:00pm.

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